Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Plain Model For Cooking Blog

This is my another blog that I am writing my own recipes by using photos. I used a blue background to focus visitors'attention to other photos. I also embedded one of my food photo on the banner.

The blog name has a dauble meanings. Tarifsiz bir Gece means that "a night which is so beautiful that there is no word to describe it". Also the other meaning of tarifsiz is "without any recipe". So I combined these two meanings in the cooking blog. How do you find it?

Click to go to Tarifsiz Bir Gece

A Joyfull Looking For My Sister's Blog

I have finally made a blog for one of my famly members. They say me a lot "why do not designe a template for me?".

My older sister shares her son's daily life in the blog and I designed it with cute pictures.  There are three birds on the banner which define her family including mother-father-son.

Take a close looking from here.