Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kitchen Stories Blog Theme

Cafe Pepela is the newest theme that I've finished. Blog's owner asked mostly purple and classical looking for the theme. I used the damask background and real picture based banner with rose logo. You will find great recipes and their delicious picture in this blog.

Happy Theme for Happy Store

Here it is a new design for Happy Store that makes happy and cheerful cookies. Light color with a cute bee complated the design. I highly recommend to visit this delightful site.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Childhood Adventure Theme

Kayra is 3 years old and very brilliant child. His mom is sharing his daily life and activities on blog. I prepared for him mostly  blue based design, containing a little cute details. Specialized fonts also gave the blog a different looking. See the entire blog from here.

Cookies Blog for Nazlı Kurabiyeler

Again pinky and fairy blog theme for a cookie designer: Nazlı Kurabiyeler.  I used pink squared textille background, bows and  flags on the other parts of the design.  Look it from here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Photography Blog Design

I have finally made a differend kind of blog design, a photographer's blog. It was so enjoyable for me because the owner asked me a vintage stlye which I wanted to do one very much. So it is the result design, a mix of brownian colors, pretty birds and siluet shaped image. There is additional application on banner with a slideshow of her pictures. Investigate the blog here.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Olive Tree: Cooking and Life Blog

Finally I designed a vintage blog which I would like to very much. It is the theme that I found some insprations to get alive. I used humming birds, transparent elements on banner, with floral vintage background in olive colors. I apllied the shadow border on image and outer wrapper edges that makes the looking softer.You can see the whole design here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Cute Blog Design for Buseden

I have recently made this cute, pinky blog design for a new cake designer blog. Being different from my older creations, this theme contains a new stlye of titles. I finally managed to add a customized fonts on blogger, so the post and/or sidebar titles will be written one of the special fonts using by graphical designers. The original blog is here.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pratik Anne

The recent blog is a practical mom's blog. It is all about children, motherhood, useful tips, motherhood experiences... She asked me a fresh template including her favourite colors: blue, grey and brown. Click here to see it.

Mor Kelebek - Purple Butterfly

Because of the blog name, the main silhouette of the blog must have been purple. Also, hence most of blog's content are about beauty and fashion, I used shiny embellishments on menubar and sidebars. Wide post area was the owner choice, purple background and color pallet of purple completed the design. Look closer it here.

Nimo Stylo

This a the first stylish blog theme that I made. Most of my customers were baker. So I were extra happy when I composed it. I used a little old style, retro fonts and pastel colors. The owner's etiquette is laid down on the banner. You can look it from here.

Bake My Day Cookie Blog

Here it is a new cheerful blog design recently I made. I used mainly party theme including, party hats, gift wraps and balloons.  See original view from here. 

Another designs which complete the serie are brochure paper, stickers and personal card. All of them are same colors and figures with blog design. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fresh and Simple : A Kitchen Blog

 I 've recently made this blog which I enjoyed very much while designing. I used sea colors compatible with blog name. Then adding a little pink, it becomes to have softer looking. You can take a closer look here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Preperations Blog Theme

This blog is my another blog which is very popular and a good source for wedding preparations. I publish great ideas, tips, bridal dresses, home decorations etc. When I designed the theme, I thought it had some soft colors and classical effects. So a little pink and some brown gave this influence. The link is here.

Personal Blog Theme of Mine

Actually, I designed it very long time ago, but I ignored to add here. I share my life, photos and creatures here.  This theme also contains a flash photo  gallery on header. You can see closer by clicking here.

Fresh n Soft : A Daily Cooking Blog

The first foreign customer's blog which I made is A pinch of Love. I used romantic colors and fresh looking.  The blog writer is an Indian person and I am very interested of Indian food. So I am also full of with happiness that I could learn some tips of Indian cooking. If you are interested too, visit Ananda's fabulous recipes.

Colorful and Cheerful Theme : 3 Prenses

This is the latest theme which I have enjoyed very much while designing. Spring colors, lace elements gives a vintage soul and home warm. Click here to go to 3 Prenses's blog.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Blogsphere for Iste Bizim Oykumuz

I designed this theme very long time ago but I haven't added here. I remember that this work was very calming because of its beautiful colors and pictures. Whenever I feel so, the result becomes awesome. Here.

A Fresh Theme For My Friend

Finally I made a theme for my friend who wants me a new looking for her blog. She waited for a long time, but then I suddenly compose some parts and designed here. All pictures used the theme are made by myself using illusturator program. Let's go to my friend's blog.

Blogger Theme Contest on March

The second theme which I gave someone by a present is a fresh theme. I used very much pastel colors and geometrical patterns. The another difference of this theme is that the whole pictures are labelled by blog writer's name. You can look the winner's blog here.

A Cookie and Cake Baker Blog

This is one of cookies designer's blog I created.  I used pinky and polka dot background which I textured. Then cacao coloured banner added ang complated with some calligraphical post divider and sidebar tags pictures. You can look the blog here.  

A Sweet Little Girl's Life

Of course, a pinky theme for a little girl. It includes soft elements and colors to focus the attention on colorful pictures of girl. If you wonder her, click here. 

Home Made Cookies'Blog :)

The last theme I made is prapared mostly in turquois color,  3 column by calligraphic design. Spending time on design was very enjoyable for me. Click here to look closer.

A Wedding Photography Blog Theme

I designed this photography theme for one of my friends. She and her husband take great wedding photos and share them here. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The First Blogger Theme Contest

I orginized a contest that its gift was a personalized blogger theme. I selected the winner using random generator at comments. You can see details at the winner's blog.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Crafty and Crazy Woman Blog

My friend Leyya sews beautiful hand and shoulder bags. She usually use folkloric styles and so my choise of her blog design was some lace and stitch decorations. Look the blog from here and don't forget to observe bags.

Colorful and Joyful Cake Blog: Cake City

I have done this design for a long time ago but i am late to publish it here. I was very inspired when i have designed it. You can see it closer from here