Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Blogsphere for Iste Bizim Oykumuz

I designed this theme very long time ago but I haven't added here. I remember that this work was very calming because of its beautiful colors and pictures. Whenever I feel so, the result becomes awesome. Here.

A Fresh Theme For My Friend

Finally I made a theme for my friend who wants me a new looking for her blog. She waited for a long time, but then I suddenly compose some parts and designed here. All pictures used the theme are made by myself using illusturator program. Let's go to my friend's blog.

Blogger Theme Contest on March

The second theme which I gave someone by a present is a fresh theme. I used very much pastel colors and geometrical patterns. The another difference of this theme is that the whole pictures are labelled by blog writer's name. You can look the winner's blog here.

A Cookie and Cake Baker Blog

This is one of cookies designer's blog I created.  I used pinky and polka dot background which I textured. Then cacao coloured banner added ang complated with some calligraphical post divider and sidebar tags pictures. You can look the blog here.  

A Sweet Little Girl's Life

Of course, a pinky theme for a little girl. It includes soft elements and colors to focus the attention on colorful pictures of girl. If you wonder her, click here. 

Home Made Cookies'Blog :)

The last theme I made is prapared mostly in turquois color,  3 column by calligraphic design. Spending time on design was very enjoyable for me. Click here to look closer.

A Wedding Photography Blog Theme

I designed this photography theme for one of my friends. She and her husband take great wedding photos and share them here.