Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fresh and Simple : A Kitchen Blog

 I 've recently made this blog which I enjoyed very much while designing. I used sea colors compatible with blog name. Then adding a little pink, it becomes to have softer looking. You can take a closer look here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Preperations Blog Theme

This blog is my another blog which is very popular and a good source for wedding preparations. I publish great ideas, tips, bridal dresses, home decorations etc. When I designed the theme, I thought it had some soft colors and classical effects. So a little pink and some brown gave this influence. The link is here.

Personal Blog Theme of Mine

Actually, I designed it very long time ago, but I ignored to add here. I share my life, photos and creatures here.  This theme also contains a flash photo  gallery on header. You can see closer by clicking here.

Fresh n Soft : A Daily Cooking Blog

The first foreign customer's blog which I made is A pinch of Love. I used romantic colors and fresh looking.  The blog writer is an Indian person and I am very interested of Indian food. So I am also full of with happiness that I could learn some tips of Indian cooking. If you are interested too, visit Ananda's fabulous recipes.

Colorful and Cheerful Theme : 3 Prenses

This is the latest theme which I have enjoyed very much while designing. Spring colors, lace elements gives a vintage soul and home warm. Click here to go to 3 Prenses's blog.